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Zebrafish are  becoming a leading model for studying development

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Past lab members- Gone but not forgotten!

1. Sebastian Rakus- Class of 2006- is currently working as a Research Assistant at Charles River Labs

2. Lauren Watka, B.A in Biology 2009 - she is currently enrolled at Brown University, Graduate program in Environmental Studies/Coastal Ecology.

3.  Arsenio Martins - B.S in biology , 2006. Aresenio completed his PharmD degree at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Spring 2011 and is currently employed as a Walmart pharmacist!.

4. Andrea Boileau, B.A in Biology 2008- Currently working as a pharmacy technician, with plans of attending pharmacy school.

5. Chontelle McNear, B.A in Biology 2008 - Worked at the Dana farber Cancer Institute as a Research associate and is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Osteopathic medicine at Midwestern University, class of 2014!

6. Tatianna Levkovich, B.A in Biology 2008.  Tatianna will be attending The MGH Institute of Health Professions Nurse Practitioners Program in the Fall of 2012. She also worked as a Research Assistant at The Broad Institute at Harvard University.

Himesh Sheth graduated in December 2009, B.A in Biology. He worked several years at Harvard Partners in Cambrideg Massachusetts studying the genetic basis of heart disease which led him to acceptance in the MD program at Ross University (class of 2014).

Jessica Breen graduated in May 2009, B.A in Biology. She recently completed the Physician's Assistant program at The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (2011).

Rabia Bajwa (left) -Graduated in May 2009, B.A in Biology. She worked 2 years as a research assistant at UMass Medical and is currently enrolled in The Northeastern University Physician's Assistant program, class of 2013.


Dan Lindstrom (right) - Graduated in May 2010, B.A in Biology. He worked at UMass Medical in Worcester as a Research Associate, and recently at Lonzo Pharmaceuticals. Dan will be attending The UNiversity of MAssachusetts Medical School in the Fall of 2012!

Heather Francois, B.A in Biology 2010. Heather is currently a Research Assistant at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. Heather pland to pursue graduate studies in cell and Molecular Biology.

Michael White, B.A in Biology 2010. Michael is currently enrolled in the Masters degree program in Cell and Molecular Biology at Quinnipiac University.

Lane Wilson, B.A in Biology 2010. Lane is currently finishing up a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda MD. He has been accepted into the Ph.D program at the University of Connecticut for the Fall 2012 semester.