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Zebrafish are  becoming a leading model for studying development

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Current Graduate Students

Vijay Boominathan -Ph.D program in Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology (BMEBT)

Prapti Behera- Ph.D program in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (BMEBT). Prapti is working on a collaborative project examining the anti-cancer protective effects of cranberries with Dr. Catherine Neto's group in the Chemistry Department.

Past Graduate Students

Angela Allard Cox, Masters degree in Biology 2010.  Angie is a lecturer at Bristol Community College

Tammy Silva: Masters Degree in Biology 2010. Tammy works as a naturalist  with Catain John's Whale Watches out of Plymouth Mass. She is also a lecturer at Bridgewater State University. She is currently applying for Ph.D programs in Marine Biology.

Andrea Moreira: Masters Degree in May 2011. Andrea is currently employed as a QC associate at Histogenics, a company that engineers replacement cartilage.