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Zebrafish are  becoming a leading model for studying development

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Tracie L Ferreira, Ph.D

Georgetown University , 1996

Wheaton College , 1990

Current: UMass Dartmouth Department of Bioengineering

Bioengineering: The cross roads of biology and engineering design!

Research Interests:  Vertebrate development is a complex process involving numerous, tightly regulated signaling pathways. Growth factors and their receptors are some of the most influential genes and proteins regulating the various stages of development. Key to understanding the growth and development of the human body, is the use of other vertebrates to dissect the regulatory networks and then applying this information to human development. Common models for vertebrate development include mouse, chick and zebrafish. We use the zebrafish as a model for vertebrate development, and specifically to study Neural Crest Cell (NCC) development and specification as it relates to craniofacial development. Neural Crest cells are a multi-potent cell population that develop into many different adult structures. We are also interested in tissue regeneration and understanding cell potential to regenerate damaged or lost tissue.  This will assist in generating novel tissue engineering strategies.


May 2012 - "Fix a Face" takes People's Choice award at 2nd Annual UMass Dartmouth 3 minute thesis competition.

BMEBT Ph.D student Vijay Boominathan told his story of how we can study genes involved in craniofacial development with the hopes of applying remedies to common birth defects such as cleft lip and palate.

Congratulations Vijay!


Sophomore Jessica Reilly was recently awarded "best poster" at the Annual UMD Undergraduate Research Day. April 2012.

Way to go Jess!

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